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Proud to be ELIXHER’s cover girl! In the Body Issue we create a space to celebrate our bodies, our narratives and our truths.

I’ve written about my experience shooting the cover and helping shape the theme of the issue with ELIXHER editor in chief Kimberley McLeod.

Lastly, I will be joined by Kimberley and the other queer women of the Body Issue who bravely bare all z— Kim Crosby, Mia McKenzie and Tiona McClodden — on Thursday April 24 for a LIVE conversation via Google Hangouts at 3pm ET/12pm PT.

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Adorable “Jack Sparrow” English cottage via AirBNB



Scarlett Johansson and Dita Von Teese - Flaunt USA October 2006


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Hello Everyone!

I want to get to 100 sales by my birthday, which is May 14! Plus, the money I raise is going to hanging out with my siblings, who live in a different state. Yay for family and meeting goals!

I know we can do it!

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you think raising kids strict but fair is the way to go? Or would it be a better idea to give teens freedom to explore friendships, relationships, their sexuality? How would you teach them about good/bad people?
brittanysimon brittanysimon Said:

It’s all about balance and education. If you allow children to experiment blindly, then I think you’re a shitty parent. If you’ve given your children the tools to understand what they’re doing, then at least you’ve done that much.

The world is full of uneducated people and those people keep having children, and when things go wrong we blame parents. But how can we blame them for their children’s actions if the parents themselves are uneducatd?

We need to rid the world of the idea that people NEED or HAVE To procreate. We need to promote education. We need to promote adoption instead of creating new children.

I believe most people aren’t meant to be parents. I think most people should educate themselves, build a stable life and THEN adopt a child.

Everything else will fall into place (like teaching people about pain and happiness, good/bad…)

That is my opinion, people can do what they want and feel how they want about it, that is their right ;)

I hope that helps!

Have a great day :)




An asexual and pansexual become room-mates and have wacky adventures

The show is called ‘All or Nothing’

Plot twist: the asexual is really super outgoing and is a huge flirt while the pansexual is extremely socially awkward and has trouble ordering coffee let alone getting a date.


my hand slipped

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Ariel meets Stitch

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In need of a Monday pick-me-up? Take 10 minutes and watch Rachel Fershleiser’s TEDx talk, “Why I heart the Bookternet" and I guarantee you’ll be full of optimism and sunshine. 

1. That dress, those tights.

2. How can I achieve this level of public speaking excellence? 

I love this woman.

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. Wait. Rachel Fershleiser came up with 6 Word Memoirs, organized events at Housing Works, works at Tumblr, started Reblog Book Club, AND helped the live stream for Evening of Awesome???? Whyyyy don’t I work for her?!?!?!?!?!?


Hello Ladies and Dudes,

Perfectly Imperfect Items For Everyone!

I find that the best things in life have natural flaws. I try to make every piece beautiful but not every piece comes out perfect. I hope you enjoy these beautiful and perfectly imperfect pieces! DFTBA!

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Americans may live in the richest country in the world, but it is in a society where about 10% of the population possesses nearly 90% of the nation’s assets. In a country of 312 million people the entire ruling class can fit comfortably into Yankee Stadium, with room left over to generously pass out free tickets to thousands of the 46.2 million Americans living below the poverty line. Democracy can never fulfill its potential under such circumstances, and the vaunted “American dream” is fast fading for the working class/middle class as the U.S. economic system seems headed into a second recession and the weakening of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Isn’t it time for the American people to directly question what’s wrong with capitalism, or at least inquire, in the words of an old saying: “Where are we going and what are we doing in this hand basket?”
Asker Anonymous Asks:
as a lesbian I feel insulted by lesbian related posts, but specially those with images. you are posting images and videos of lesbians are nothing but media lesbians: two hot girls (actors) who are playing and acting lesbian for a camera. we real lesbians are not like that, we are real people that look normal. but I am mainly trying to say, you need to show us as we are, dikes and femmes. even your male gay images are not realistic.
brittanysimon brittanysimon Said:

I understand where you are coming from but I reblog pictures that I like. I really liked that image of those two girls. I’ve met lesbians that look like that. I don’t think anyone should be made to feel like they have to look one way or another.

In San Diego tons of those in the community look just like the pictures I reblog.

I watch “lesbian” porn as much as the next person and I know it’s made for men and I know it’s most likely to straight girls acting lesbian, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it turns me on.

Get what I’m saying? It’s great to be aware of what you’re reblogging and you can find it offensive, but since I don’t and it’s on my blog I’ll keep reblogging stuff like that.

Let me know if you have anymore concerns :)

You don’t really know someone until you say ‘no’ to them.